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New users: Click here for an important note regarding your 630i

It is very important to thoroughly test your 630i to ensure that:

  1. The Master I/O Board firmware is flashed to the latest version (v.22).
  2. The ESA control software for fans and LEDs works correctly via the Performance -> Device Settings portion of the Nvidia Control Panel.
  3. You try out each game and/or application you intend to use, and make sure they run to your liking.
  4. There are no:
    • Blue Screens of Death or crashes.
    • RAID or hard drive problems.
    • Graphics problems.
    • Audio problems with the optional Creative Labs X-Fi audio card (if you ordered one with your system).
    • Any other problem or incompatibility that appears to be related to the 630i hardware.
  5. Lastly, it won't hurt to run a check on your system RAM, using a utility like Memtest86+.

Both new and refurbished 630is from Dell can, and occasionally do, arrive with problems, so it's important to check it all out thoroughly. The reason for this is that you only have 21 days from your Sales Invoice date in which to return your system. If anything doesn't seem right, don't hesitate to (first of all) call Dell and notify them of the problem(s), and then also let us know. Unfortunately, some 630is are just lemons, meaning that no matter how much hardware is repeatedly replaced or swapped out, crashes will still happen. If this describes your situation, and you're still within the 21-day return period (U.S.A.) or the 7-day return period (U.K.) from the date of your Sales Invoice, it is highly recommended that you contact Dell and arrange to have your system returned or get a full monetary refund.

The key difference/benefit in returning a system as opposed to having parts constantly replaced is simply getting rid of a lemon. There have been a number of 630i users (some examples here) whose systems were literally fraught with BSOD or other errors regardless of how many components were replaced...until they got a completely different 630i. Aside from poltergeists, no-one can explain how replacing all the components isn't successful, and a brand-new unit is--but it does work.

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