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File a complaint

Note: This page will be updated with new information and news as it's received. If your state or country is not listed below and you're aware of resources for filing, please e-mail: webmaster at my630i dot com. For more information, see the legal action forum on Also available are links to Attorney Generals' main websites (not direct links to complaint pages).

Dell's postal address in the U.S. is:

Dell Inc.
1 Dell Way MS 8210
Round Rock, TX 78682-7000

Direct links to consumer complaint pages

Additional links

Talking points

For detailed information and reference material, please see the Issues page. Please note that owner davbow stresses that:

"...talking points are more important than a template statement. It is important that complaints be made in the consumer's own words and that each complaint be different, i.e., not a 'canned' complaint."

How Dell can make amends to their 630i customers

  1. At Dell's expense (and including on-site service by a qualified technician), replace the modified 650i SLI motherboard with one of the following new, full-featured, unmodified, and 100% genuine Nvidia nForce motherboards:

    Why? Only these motherboards offer the full technical specifications and features that Dell so clearly claimed in their 630i advertising and sales web pages since its launch in February 2008:

  2. Include fully functional LightFX/Quickset lightshow software--as it already exists for XPS 720 customers--as part of the reparations. If it does not run on the 630i in its current form, then Dell is fully responsible to rewrite the software in a timely fashion to make it work as advertised.
  3. Provide and install on-site (again, at no expense to the customer) a properly functioning LED similar in operation and visibility to those used on the Dimension 2400 and 4700, which correctly inform the user as to when their hard disk drive is reading or writing data.